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OSB... practical, versatile and durable. Nice to look at? Not so.

Chipps gives the well-known OSB panel a designer jacket and takes it to a higher level. The OSB panels are finished with 7 layers of scratch-resistant, wear-resistant and UV-resistant varnish. Chipps is ready for use, transforming the space in 1 movement. By combining construction with decoration, it is therefore no longer necessary to paint, wallpaper, tile or even paste. Chipps ensures that you can work cost-saving, energy-saving, labor-saving and time-saving!

In addition to the private (re)builder, we also think of catering, retail, garden offices, pool houses, events, stand construction, pop-up bars and office units.

It is time to no longer use OSB as a semi-finished product or building material, but as a designer-worthy floor or wall.

Chipps is finished with 7 layers of wear-resistant, scratch-resistant and UV-resistant varnish, making the panels ready for use. An eighth layer can be applied as a fire retardant, whereby the panels also meet the CFL1 requirements for retail and hospitality.

Finish the rooms in 1 movement, and work cost-saving, energy-saving, labor-saving and time-saving.

  • Grill, baby, Grill

    Why go against the grain? These boards reveal just what they’re made of: wood chips.

    The characteristic, smokey flavors of WoodChipps. Beautiful colors that give your interior a special twist.

  • I do Believe in Fairies

    For your summer event or pop-up bar? To evoke that warm sense of childhood! Make sure your space engages instantly!

  • Girls just wanna have sun

    Spain, Italy, Morocco,…. These Chipps have a subtle Mediterranean vibe. A wink to the unique culture, the ancient centers, the richly decorated buildings and the divine Mediterranean food. A collection that combines neutral tones with bright accents.

  • Sweep it under the rug

    The crisp and bold patterns of a woven carpet. A collection that makes a hard surface feel soft.

  • Stay classy San Diego

    These boards are kind of a big deal. Classy! A timeless collection with impressive colors and a unique vein pattern.

  • Don't lick the floor

    A collection in which a unique color is obtained, by treating these Chipps with a delicious cocktail of stains.

  • The Kings, the Queens and the In-Betweens

    A colorful and fun collection, for the student, the lazy, the brave or just the crazy!

  • Add Value to your Floor

  • echt hout
    15 of 18 mm

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    We use real hardwood chips for our boards. Combined with a strong and durable resin that is abso-lutely non-toxic. The Chipps boards are 2440 x 590 x 15 or 18 mm thick. An eco-friendly, natural product. But less ex-pansion and contraction than solid wood. It is 100% recyclable, so no worries if clients decide to change things up with a new Chipps design. Can’t blame them, they are all so beautiful.

  • 7 lagen slijtvaste krasvaste coating

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    Wood boards can feel a bit, well, industrial. No one wants to give the customer a rough time. We’re here to make their project as smooth as possible. 7 layers of smooth in this case. We apply a 7 layer coating that is wear-resistant. Making our wood boards suitable for use in any environment, from home to office or even stores and cafés. The only requirement you need, is a tasteful surrounding.

  • uitgebreide kleur en design opties

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    The delicious designs make our boards stand out. Our customers can find their specific taste in the extensive menu we offer. Guaranteed to make any space pop. Whether they want to turn their floor, wall or ceiling into a masterpiece, we have the right fit. It will make them be the envy of their neighbours. They will have no problem convincing their father-in-law of the great choice they made. Real wood, after all.

  • 5 jaar

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    You will look good selling Chipps. And the design will never go stale. How do we know? It’s a gut feeling. But we can guarantee the quality, we offer a 5 year warranty. We also guarantee the joy customers will feel every time they see their beautiful floor/wall/ceiling. And that feeling will last much, much longer.

Why choose Chipps?

  • Duurzame, slijtvaste, krasvaste vloer, wand of plafond.

  • Makkelijk en snel te plaatsen dankzij de tand en groef 

  • 100 % houten panelen met 7 lagen slijtvaste vernis 

  • Een oneindige variatie aan kleuren en designs 


Ontdek alles over onze Chipps panelen in deze brochure. Download hem nu.

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Kijk zelf waar een Chipps vloer verschilt van een andere vloer of wandpanelen.

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Boek een meeting met een Chipps adviseur

Wil je graag meer weten over onze panelen? 

Boek een meeting met onze CHIPPS adviseur of ga langs bij één van onze verdelers.


Uw project is ook het onze. 

Je wilt vakmanschap, klimaatvriendelijke producten en constructieve samenwerking. Wij doen dat allemaal en brengen creativiteit en een complete collectie die kleurrijk, aanpasbaar en kostenefficiënt is naar de vloer. 

  • Craftsmanship

    Years of experience in the wood industry

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    Frank Lloyd Wright said: “Wood is universally beautiful to man. It is the most humanly intimate of all materials.” Frank is right. We’ve been in the wood industry for generations. Years of experience in crafting the best products. Now, we use that experience to create Chipps: a wood product that is strong, durable and more versatile than ever. Pretty crafty, he!

  • Climate-friendly

    We don’t use hazardous or toxic materials

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    All the Chipps wood boards are produced in Belgium. Our production technique is very energy-efficient and no hazardous or toxic materials are used. Re-using wood chips minimizes waste and maximizes durability. Our boards are made from fast growing trees reducing the demand for old growth timber. Chipps is an environmentally sound building product. Give yourself a pat on the back for selling it and making this world a better place.

  • Constructive cooperation

    We’ll floor you with our customer service

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    Constructive cooperation

    After years in the wood business, we know that for a successful project, cooperation is key. Our advisors will help you with all the tools you need. We‘ve got the boards and know-how for that. If a chef needs his restaurant floor renewed for the grand opening? No problem. Our Chipps advisors are here to guide our customers to the best and most beautiful solution for their project. Just ask , we will floor you with our customer service.

  • Creativity

    Innovative design for any floor, wall or ceiling

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    Not only did we add innovative design for any floor/wall/ceiling to tried and tested wood boards, we also improved the manufacturing and finishing process. So you get the best product possible. Every board is the result of a painstaking testing process.